play with reality

We believe that nothing will ever replace the magic feeling of being at a great event. No scent misting haptic suit, omnidirectional treadmill, fancy contraption will ever feel as good as losing yourself to a shared experience in the real world. Not yet at least…

Billions of dollars have been spent on creating these ecstatic experiences and all we have to show for them to this very day are 2D photos & videos and recently, 360º media that- despite being far more immersive than 2D, lacks interactivity/ connectivity/shared experience. 


To fully grasp the scope and potential of physical//virtual let’s walk through a basic client experience.

scan it & Plan it


Scan your space or have it 3D modeled. Our team will build you a customized planning portal. This planning portal is hosted on a private virtualized presence server. Put simply, your virtual event space becomes a true to scale virtual workspace you can use to test layouts, map escape routes, visualize flow, organize vendors, build virtual content on the fly, meet partners, buyers, performers, execute multi-user dry runs with your entire team without anyone leaving the comfort of their home or office PC.

We'll build you custom drag & drop asset palettes and specialized tools. 






As the physical event is built, the virtual event space is created in tandem. This Physical//Virtual asset transformation is an excellent set for media creation and press conferences. Host ‘sneak peak’ walks through to media. Live shows, interactive content, contests, artist meet & greets, etc. 

Travel and administrative costs can eat up a budget quickly. Working remotely doesn't have to mean a decrease in productivity. True to scale, real time interactions can increase productivity and drastically reduce costs. 



It up

We aren't here to hold back you or your ideas by forcing your unique team into a cookie cutter platform. Individuality, freedom of expression, common interest, and social accountability are vital to a thriving environment. 

We believe in the power of individuality. Let the creativity of the team run wild!

The more individualized each person can be the more robust the co-creating experience becomes.

Encourage individuality



The more robust and authentic the co-creating experience,

the better your content and product will be.